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Strengthening veterinary services (1) Rabies and Classical Swine fever (CSF) control in Kosovo

PAN is working with the Government of Kosovo to participate in a regional programme, supported by EU, to eradicate rabies and Classical Swine Fever (CSF) from the Western Balkans.

Project activities included:
• Active monitoring and surveillance scheme for Rabies and CSF.

• Obtaining reliable epidemiological data on Rabies in foxes and
other wild life , as well as CSF in wild boar and domestic pigs
(potential hosts for CSF) kept by minority communities.

• Implementing a training programme for monitoring and surveillance
of Rabies and CSF including sample collection, packaging,
storage and transport to relevant laboratories.

• Monitoring the distribution from aeroplanes of vaccine baits for
foxes (the reservoir host for rabies in the region)

• Design and implementation of a public information campaign
to raise awareness of the project to ensure optimum effectiveness.