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Training of UK farmers and technical advisers in effective use of livestock information

UK: With the data from over 3,000 dairy herds in the UK downloaded in to the InterHerd+ software by technical advisers there is a constant demand for training in the use of the software and, more importantly interpretation of the wide range of analyses and reports that are possible. In addition to bespoke training courses for specific individuals or organisations, we regularly offer workshops at venues around the country providing hands-on training. These workshops range from introductions to using the program to generate business through to in-depth analysis of mastitis and somatic cell counts as part of the UK National Mastitis Control Project.

Farmers are also regularly offered training workshops on the use of InterHerd to make full use of livestock information in herd management.

We also offer training courses in the use of livestock information for organisations, both in the UK and overseas, with more specific needs for using information to support their activities in the livestock sector.