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Research in to the performance and health of commercial dairy herds

Our commercial activities with information systems, particularly working with National Milk Records (NMR), give us access to large databases recording animal performance over many years. This has resulted in a number of studies including...

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): annual studies of performance in 500 dairy herds, selected at random from the NMR database, provide information to benchmark performance and measure trends in typical commercial herds.

Somatic cell counts (SCC): Annual studies of over 6 million milk samples reveal national trends in udder health and milk quality. Other studies relate SCC with performance and survival of dairy cows in commercial herds.

Johne’s disease: Analysis of Johne’s disease status and animal performance show the impact of the disease and efficacy of screening for its detection in dairy herds.

The NMR database contains monthly data on animal performance in the UK dairy industry covering many years. As the power of information systems improves, there is huge potential for further research.