We have a multi-disciplinary team of livestock specialists including economists, veterinarians, animal production, livestock information and IT specialists. Our close working relationship with the Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics Research Unit (VEERU) at The University of Reading provides an exceptional resource of academic and commercially relevant expertise. This collaboration offers great flexibility to react rapidly to needs for technical assistance projects or academic training and research. We also regularly call on a number of associates when additional expertise is required.
Our Team
Andrew James
••Livestock Economics/Livestock Information
Tony Wilsmore
••Veterinary Services Delivery
James Hanks
••Animal Production/Livestock Information
Nicholas Taylor
••Veterinary Epidemiology
Kulwant Channa
••IT Specialist
Jelena Pellijeff
••IT Specialist
Mohamad Kossaibati
••Livestock Information/Analysis
Rob de Rooij
••Business Development & Project Management

Pan Associates
Richard Bennett
••Economics, Animal Health & Welfare
Shefqet Gjocaj
••Public Information/Communications
Alastair MacMillan
Jeton Muhaxhiri
••Field Veterinarian
Robin Nicholas
David Pritchard
••Animal Welfare
Peter Roeder
••Virology/Transboundary Diseases
Luuk Schoonman
Bill Taylor
••Virology/Transboundary Diseases
Nysret Veliu
••Survey/Data Management
Boris Yakobson
••Veterinarian/Rabies/Diseases of Bees
Alexandra Hammond-Seaman
••Animal Welfare
Fred Landeg
•• Animal Health & strategy
Anni McLeod
•• Livestock economist