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Product traceability and labelling

Malta: as animals (cattle, sheep, goats and pigs) enter the abattoir the database confirms the identity and movement of each animal is fully traceable from birth and assigns a kill number to each carcase to preserve the link with the farm traceability records.

Carcase weight and ultrasound probe data (in pigs) are acquired electronically as the basis for grading the carcase. Any meat inspection finding are also entered in to the database by the veterinarian on the slaughter line. Despatch labels for the carcase parts are printed with the traceability information for the animal, along with weight and grade. Reports for farmers, middlemen and abattoir managers are also generated as required.

Wales (UK) A traceability pilot project in the sheep sector including electronic identification systems. This pilot project, based around a sheep producers cooperative in Wales supplying a major UK supermarket, facilitates data collection and analysis both on-farm and through the electronic capture of abattoir data allowing individual performance assessment of ewes and health planning based on carcase classification and health inspection data. The results are available for farmers to view their own results on-line.