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Information systems for farmers and technical advisers

InterHerd+: This database is used by technical advisers in the UK to analyse and monitor performance of dairy herds , particularly in the UK. Each month milk recording data are downloaded automatically from over 3,000 dairy herds. Technical advisers use InterHerd+ to identify their clients’ herd strengths and weaknesses as well as generating customised reports appropriate to specific farmers requirements. Key areas include fertility, production, mastitis, somatic cell counts, lameness, Johne’s disease etc.

InterHerd: Is an on-farm herd management program used by dairy farmers for the day to day management of their herds. The analysis tools encourage farmers to analyse their performance and work with their technical advisers to improve performance. It also provides a platform for passing individual animal performance data on to milk recording organisations.

Herd Companion: Is a web-based tool for milk recording customers, launched by NMR in 2003. This was the first web-based system for analysing milk recording data and resulted in rapid expansion of milk record analysis in the UK, in particular relating to somatic cell counts and benchmarking performance. Herd Companion has expanded to include results of disease testing, milk hygiene and mobility scoring as well as on-line analysis of individual animal performance.