Pan Livestock
Rob de Rooij (Business Development & Project Management)

Rob de Rooij has 40 years professional experience in animal disease prevention and control, animal health, epidemiology and animal production.

His experience as Team Leader in long term projects (Zambia, Ethiopia, Egypt) and on short term assignments has given him broad knowledge of project cycle management, administration, budgeting, M&E, design of implementation strategies and human resources development. His know-how includes proficiency in institutional development, legislation and enforcement of regulations, cost recovery, privatization and administrative reform.

Over the last 15 years he has had major involvements in project management in natural resource-livelihood interactions and his experience includes wetland development, participatory forest management and integrated livestock-agriculture/rural development.

Mr de Rooij provides support to PAN on implementation and management of livestock-related services, including supply and distribution of livestock inputs, tender preparation and veterinary laboratory and field services management.