Pan Livestock
Luuk Schoonman

Luuk Schoonman is a veterinary epidemiologist with experience in animal health, disease control and production in Europe, East and Southern Africa and South-East Asia. He has conducted epidemiological research into zoonotic diseases and their control and assessed their risk to public health. In this respect, he has studied different livestock keeping systems and their off-take channels with special focus on zoonoses related factors. His studies included assessment of awareness, local knowledge and management practices of different risk groups in a society in relation to zoonoses. He made use of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system to assess and control zoonosis hazards to occupational risk groups and the public in general.

He has been involved in smallholder diary development schemes, including milk production, marketing and breeding through artificial insemination and, as data monitoring adviser, designed and operated computerized systems to manage, monitor and evaluate them.

In 2008/9 he analysed the epidemiological situation and advised on surveillance of rabies in Turkey for an EU supported project. Since 2009 he has been involved as an epidemiologist controlling HPAI in South East Asia.