Pan Livestock
Jeton Muhaxhiri
Field veterinarian

Jeton Muhaxhiri is a veterinarian with extensive IT capability. He is highly proficient in livestock database management, particularly PAN Livestock’s InterTrace program. He has lived in Kosova, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Switzerland working with both veterinary and public health NGOs. He has wide-ranging experience in preparing public awareness materials including environmental protection, preventive measures against water borne diseases and the control of zoonoses (rabies and brucellosis) affecting rural and urban communities.

During the avian influenza crisis he worked for FAO, undertaking surveillance of domestic poultry and wild birds in the Balkans. He advised government on HPAI control according to FAO/OIE recommendations.

Recently, he has been co-manager of an EU project in Kosovo which introduced the InterTrace identification and registration of livestock database. This included updating and geo referencing the register of holdings keeping cattle, sheep, goats and pigs in compliance with EU requirements, allowing tracing of livestock movements as well as incorporating an animal disease information system.

He currently manages the EU supported national rabies and classical swine fever control programme, requiring work with domestic livestock, wild boar and wild carnivores.