Pan Livestock
Bill Taylor
Virology/Transboundary diseases

Bill Taylor is a veterinary virologist who was deeply involved for many years in the eradication programme for rinderpest. He has extensive experience of rinderpest vaccine manufacture and rinderpest control and epidemiology, both in domestic cattle and wildlife.

In South Asia (India and Pakistan) he pioneered strategy development leading to the successful transition from rinderpest control to rinderpest eradication.

He has also worked extensively on diagnosis and differential epidemiology of Peste des Petits Ruminants virus (PPR) and rinderpest and developed a homologous PPR vaccine now in use in Africa.

He has extensive field research experience on the epidemiology of Bluetongue and Akabane viruses in Africa, the Caribbean and the Near East.

He was Consulting Adviser on List A diseases to Kosovo Veterinary Services with special reference to the epidemiology of Bluetongue and Consultant to Kosovo Veterinary and Food Agency for the development of Exotic Diseases Contingency Plans.