Pan Livestock
Alastair MacMillan

From 1990 – 2003 Alastair MacMillan was Head FAO/WHO/OIE Brucellosis Reference Centre, as such he was International expert on brucellosis for the three organisations and leader of a team giving international advice on disease prevention and control and carrying out disease surveillance. He then became Head of an Animal Health and Welfare Evidence Base Core Team for DEFRA (2003-2007) involving strategy development, policy making, managing budgets, operations management, and research.

Since then he has occupied senior roles in major animal and veterinary charities in both strategic and operational delivery roles. As Chief Scientific Officer for RSPCA he was responsible for ensuring all policies were evidence based and was deeply involved in developing the Society’s animal welfare policies on farm animals, including the development of Freedom Food welfare standards.

He has acted as a consultant abroad extensively for international organisations, mainly in developing countries and countries hoping to join the European Union, providing advice to governments and direct to farmers on a range of animal health and welfare problems.